Blue Inc Reviews Training Procedures

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Blue Inc has adopted a 3 step training process that applies to every new skill that is learned or taught.

Blue Inc Training

The concept is:

1. I do, you watch

2. We do together

3. You do, I watch

Example: Teaching someone to give a presentation –

They would first watch someone give a presentation, and watch everything from the preparation to the execution.

They would then do it with someone.  They would collaborate in the preparation and the execution.

Lastly, they would prepare and execute on their own, having someone watch them though, in order to give appropriate feedback.

This process allows for the full comprehension of any new subject.  Many employees feel that they are not properly prepared or trained for the job that they are in, and feel frustrated when they receive criticism for jobs not done to the liking of the supervisor.  People are at the heart of any great business, but teaching people and getting them up to speed is one of the most expensive aspects of any company.  The time, energy and money it takes to hire a new employee and make sure they are properly trained is something that companies try to avoid.

At Blue Inc Chicago, the investment in good people is at the heart of their business.  Blue Inc President Wrinardo McKennedy says, “Everyone always wants that ‘star’ employee, but they are not willing to invest the time into them.  In my experience, the time spent with someone, teaching them and helping them accomplish their goals, is what turns them into that ‘star’ employee.”


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