Blue Inc reviews the art of public speaking

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Blue Inc Reviews Public SpeakingOne of the many leadership skills that Blue Inc Schaumburg IL teaches on a daily basis is public speaking.  In a leadership role, it is important for someone to be able to effectively convey their message in a way that is engaging and easy for people to understand.  Blue Inc Schaumburg offers coaching on everything from the preparation to the execution.  Below Blue Inc reviews 5 of their most important tips for being a good public speaker.

Blue Inc Reviews preparing your topic ahead of time

One of the most important skills to public speaking happens before the speech ever begins.  It’s the preparation.  Gathering the material, organizing it, and becoming familiar with it will allow the speaker to be very comfortable and confident during their presentation.  Employees at Blue Inc meet with senior managers in order to learn an effective way of brainstorming and then organizing their thoughts into a coherent message.  At their office in Schaumburg, different employees get the opportunity to present on a daily basis, which will lead to the next point.

Blue Inc Reviews practicing for a speech

Practice makes perfect.  Well, not always.  But practice definitely makes better.  Blue Inc encourages its employees to practice their speeches and presentations multiple times before ever giving them.  Practicing in your head, out loud, and in front of someone else increases the odds of a successful speech.  This gives the person time to cut out parts that don’t make sense, eliminate filler words, and get the timing down.

Blue Inc Reviews understanding your audience

It is very important to understand who you are talking to.  At Blue, employees get an opportunity to present and speak to people at all stages of the company, from entry level to management.  Depending on the position, different information will be relevant.  Make sure you understand the audience you are speaking to in order to avoid talking about information they don’t understand or don’t care about.

Blue Inc Reviews relaxing

This is extremely important.  When someone is anxious and nervous it can cloud their ability to think clearly.  Make sure to breath.  Breathing allows your brain to get the oxygen it needs.  And remember, people want you to do well.  The best speeches given at Blue Inc are ones where the speaker is having fun and enjoying themselves.  You’re not supposed to be perfect, so relax and enjoy the ride.

Blue Inc Reviews gaining experience

Last but not least, experience is the best teacher.  If your goal is to get good at public speaking it will require a lot of experience.  The more you do it, the more you will understand your style, how best to deliver information, how to change based on your audience, and how to make each speech and presentation indicative to who you are.  The best speeches will represent you.


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