About Blue Inc Schaumburg

Blue Inc Schaumburg (Chicago, IL) is a sales and marketing firm that focuses on the brand image and development of their clients.  The company was founded due to an increased demand in the market for face to face communication when closing sales for large corporations.  Most Fortune 500 companies find that the relationship a customer has with their company and their brand is the most valuable aspect of driving revenue and new business.  Blue Inc Chicago specializes in building that relationship.

Blue Inc is also very proactive about the advancement opportunities for their employees.  Being entrepreneurial minded, the company reviews many possibilities over the course of the year that will further aid in the growth of their company.

What Does Blue Inc Schaumburg Do?

Blue Inc reviews the needs of a company and then puts together a marketing strategy in order to acquire new business and maintain existing clientele.  On a regular basis they are meeting with customers, reviewing contracts and services, and serving as a consultant on behalf of the client they represent.

However every day there is constant teaching and development surrounding all aspects of business development.  Depending on the project they are working on, Blue Inc Schaumburg employees are divided into groups in order to learn anything from training, public speaking, presentation skills, recruiting, client relations, and team management.

Where in Chicago is Blue Inc Schaumburg Located?

Blue Inc is located in the Chicago-land suburb, Schaumburg.  It services most of the north, northwest, and south suburbs.  Blue is currently looking into expansion in downtown Chicago as well.

1101 Perimeter Dr #440, Schaumburg, IL 60173


What can you expect from the Blue Inc Chicago/Schaumburg Blog?

In this blog we will post reviews on Blue Inc’s marketing strategies, training initiatives, and expansion plans.  We will get an in depth look on the inner workings of the company, as well as their outlook on the sales and marketing industry as a whole.

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