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What is Blue Inc Chicago?

Blue Inc Chicago is a sales and marketing firm that focuses on the brand image and development of their clients.  The company was founded due to an increased demand in the market for face to face communication when closing sales for large corporations.  Most Fortune 500 companies find that the relationship a customer has with their company and their brand is the most valuable aspect of driving revenue and new business.  Blue Inc Chicago specializes in building that relationship.

Blue Inc is also very proactive about the advancement opportunities for their employees.  Being entrepreneurial minded, Blue Inc reviews many possibilities over the course of the year that will further aid in the growth of their company.

What do they do?

Blue Inc Chicago reviews the needs of a company and then puts together a marketing strategy in order to acquire new business and maintain existing clientele.  On a regular basis they are meeting with customers, reviewing contracts and services, and serving as a consultant on behalf of the client they represent.

However every day there is constant teaching and development surrounding all aspects of business development.  Depending on the project they are working on, Blue Inc employees are divided into groups in order to learn anything from training, public speaking, presentation skills, recruiting, client relations, and team management.

Where is Blue Inc located?

Blue Inc Chicago is located in the chicagoland suburb, Schaumburg.  It services most of the north, northwest, and south suburbs.  Blue is currently looking into expansion in downtown Chicago as well.

1933 N Meacham Rd Ste 125

Schaumburg, IL 60173


What can you expect from the Blue Inc Chicago Blog?

In this blog we will post reviews on Blue Inc Chicago’s marketing strategies, training initiatives, and expansion plans.  We will get an in depth look on the inner workings of the company, as well as their outlook on the sales and marketing industry as a whole.


Blue Inc reviews the importance of goals

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  Years ago a study wBlue Inc Reviews Kasiaas done at Harvard University in order to illustrate the importance of goals.  They polled the senior class and found that 1/3 of the students had no goals at all, 1/3 had goals, but they were vague and abstract, and 1/3 had extremely specific goals, written in such detail down to the time it would take to accomplish them.  Several years after that they looked up those same students and found some interesting results.  The 1/3 of students who had no goals were either living paycheck to paycheck or were unemployed.  Most were in debt.  The 1/3 that had vague goals had not achieved the goals they had as students, and most were living well below what they had imagined.  The 1/3 that had very specific goals were in successful careers, had successful marriages, and had accomplished everything that they had set out to accomplish when they were in college.


Blue Inc Chicago feels that goals are extremely important to an individual and a company’s success.  They review goals daily in order to stay on track with the direction the company is heading.  In this post Blue Inc reviews SMART goals.

Blue Inc reviews Specific goals

In order to make goal

s specific, you have to be able to answer questions like who, what, where, when, and why.  The more specific a goal is, the more likely it is to be hit.

Blue Inc reviews Measurable goals

Your goals have to have some sort of way of being measured.  Blue inc reviews goal setting strategies that ask the questions, how much?, how many?, and how will I know when it is accomplished?, as the best way to measure your goals.  When your goals are measurable you are able to stay on track, see your progress, and it ultimately gives to the confidence to accomplish your goals.

Blue Inc Reviews Goals

Blue Inc reviews Attainable goals

When you identify goals that are most important to you, you figure out how to make them come true. Everything you do or think brings you closer to those goals.  You can hit your goals when you plan your steps wisely and establish a time frame that allows you to carry out those steps. You believe that your goals are more attainable because of your preparation, and therefore they get hit.

Blue Inc reviews Realistic goals

A realistic goal is one that you are willing able to hit.  Blue Inc reviews people who set goals, and finds that a lot of people set goals that they are not willing to put the work behind in order to hit them.  Only you can determine if a goal is realistic to you or not.  A goal can be high and realistic at the same time.

Blue Inc reviews Timely goals

Every goal has to have a time frame.  If there is no time by which to goal has to be accomplished by, the odds of it being hit decrease.  People need the push and the motivation of a looming deadline in order to more effectively hit their goals.

Blue Inc reviews the art of public speaking

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Blue Inc Reviews Public SpeakingOne of the many leadership skills that Blue Inc Schaumburg IL teaches on a daily basis is public speaking.  In a leadership role, it is important for someone to be able to effectively convey their message in a way that is engaging and easy for people to understand.  Blue Inc Schaumburg offers coaching on everything from the preparation to the execution.  Below Blue Inc reviews 5 of their most important tips for being a good public speaker.

Blue Inc Reviews preparing your topic ahead of time

One of the most important skills to public speaking happens before the speech ever begins.  It’s the preparation.  Gathering the material, organizing it, and becoming familiar with it will allow the speaker to be very comfortable and confident during their presentation.  Employees at Blue Inc meet with senior managers in order to learn an effective way of brainstorming and then organizing their thoughts into a coherent message.  At their office in Schaumburg, different employees get the opportunity to present on a daily basis, which will lead to the next point.

Blue Inc Reviews practicing for a speech

Practice makes perfect.  Well, not always.  But practice definitely makes better.  Blue Inc encourages its employees to practice their speeches and presentations multiple times before ever giving them.  Practicing in your head, out loud, and in front of someone else increases the odds of a successful speech.  This gives the person time to cut out parts that don’t make sense, eliminate filler words, and get the timing down.

Blue Inc Reviews understanding your audience

It is very important to understand who you are talking to.  At Blue, employees get an opportunity to present and speak to people at all stages of the company, from entry level to management.  Depending on the position, different information will be relevant.  Make sure you understand the audience you are speaking to in order to avoid talking about information they don’t understand or don’t care about.

Blue Inc Reviews relaxing

This is extremely important.  When someone is anxious and nervous it can cloud their ability to think clearly.  Make sure to breath.  Breathing allows your brain to get the oxygen it needs.  And remember, people want you to do well.  The best speeches given at Blue Inc are ones where the speaker is having fun and enjoying themselves.  You’re not supposed to be perfect, so relax and enjoy the ride.

Blue Inc Reviews gaining experience

Last but not least, experience is the best teacher.  If your goal is to get good at public speaking it will require a lot of experience.  The more you do it, the more you will understand your style, how best to deliver information, how to change based on your audience, and how to make each speech and presentation indicative to who you are.  The best speeches will represent you.

Blue Inc Chicago Reviews the Best Interview Questions

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Blue Inc Chicago teaches special courses in recruiting from both ends of the interview process.  Blue Inc reviews some of the best interview questions and the best answers that recruiters want to hear.  Being located just outside of Chicago, Blue Inc finds this skill incredibly useful.  Chicago, including its metropolitan areas, is home to 32 Fortune 500 companies.  And with the unemployment rate in Chicago, it is always best to be armed with the skills necessary to land a job.

Blue Inc Reviews: Are you overqualified for this job?

Be careful with this question.  Employers are not assuming you are too old or have too much experience, they just don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of hiring someone who will leave for a higher paying job as soon as they find one.  The question is asked to see if the position is really a good fit for you.

Answer: Give them an answer that will make them excited to hire you.  An answer that acknowledges your experience, but express that that’s why you are the perfect candidate, based on what you can offer.  Explain exactly why you are interested in the position.

Blue Inc Reviews: Describe a time when your work was criticized and how did you handle it.

This is a hard question to answer because people are uncomfortable with behavioral questions.  They don’t want to make themselves look bad, but they don’t want to be overly confident.  The main thing employees are looking for out of this question is are you coachable?

Answer:  Choose an example that shows a human element, a reaction to the criticism, but ultimately explain how you handled it and the action you took in a way that illustrates why you are perfect for the job.

Blue Inc Reviews: Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.

This is a behavioral question that interviewers ask in order to predict how you will act once you are working with the company.  Stressful situations  happen in any job, and employers want to know if you’re going to freak out when you are having a tough time.  The last thing an employer is looking for is a high maintenance employee who is always having issues.

Answer:  Any answer that talks about how you are able to stop and prioritize the work load in order to make sure the most important things are done first, shows your ability to work smarter, not just harder, when the workload increases.  Tell a story that illustrates how you were able to do this in another high stress situation that you encountered.

Blue Inc Reviews: Do you prefer working in a team or alone?

Although this sounds like your run of the mill interview question, employers will ask it because they know that answering it well means an interviewee has prepared for the interview.  Answering one way or the other shows a lack of thought, and some employers will attribute that to your concern for the job.

Answer:  Don’t just go with the standard, “I can work well either way.”  Do some research on the position you are applying for and know whether it will entail a majority or working alone or in a team.  That way you can answer with a preference towards the one that will consume the majority of your time, but also answer favorably towards working briefly with the other.

Blue Inc Reviews Training Procedures

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Blue Inc has adopted a 3 step training process that applies to every new skill that is learned or taught.

Blue Inc Training

The concept is:

1. I do, you watch

2. We do together

3. You do, I watch

Example: Teaching someone to give a presentation –

They would first watch someone give a presentation, and watch everything from the preparation to the execution.

They would then do it with someone.  They would collaborate in the preparation and the execution.

Lastly, they would prepare and execute on their own, having someone watch them though, in order to give appropriate feedback.

This process allows for the full comprehension of any new subject.  Many employees feel that they are not properly prepared or trained for the job that they are in, and feel frustrated when they receive criticism for jobs not done to the liking of the supervisor.  People are at the heart of any great business, but teaching people and getting them up to speed is one of the most expensive aspects of any company.  The time, energy and money it takes to hire a new employee and make sure they are properly trained is something that companies try to avoid.

At Blue Inc Chicago, the investment in good people is at the heart of their business.  Blue Inc President Wrinardo McKennedy says, “Everyone always wants that ‘star’ employee, but they are not willing to invest the time into them.  In my experience, the time spent with someone, teaching them and helping them accomplish their goals, is what turns them into that ‘star’ employee.”